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Madness Zombiefication Collab

7 days ago by Eshio
Updated 6 days ago


Dear Friends! I would like to tell you what collab cook, his name Madenss Zombification. All who wish to participate, please contact us at this post. The bottom line is that the protagonists of tests must be zombies. 
Be sure to do a test on the Action Script 2.0, 30/33fps.Finish it by the Madness Day 2014! Flash CS5/ Flash8


Me (Parts:2/3)

Grabel168 (Parts:0/2)

deimos666 (Parts:0/2)

Kkots (Parts:0/1)

DinoTheCat (Parts:1/?)

CoolKid25 (Parts:1/2)

0Rockluki0 (Parts:0/2)

Oscar55 (Parts ?/?)

glazov123 (Parts 0/2)

Derpi789  (Parts 0/1)


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3 days ago

can I join?

2 days ago Eshio responds:

emmm....sorry but no...


7 days ago

Can i join? lmao
(Current skill example :

7 days ago (Updated 7 days ago) Eshio responds:

You can also try
(Parts ?/?)
Protagonists of tests must be zombies


7 days ago

I'm joining.

7 days ago (Updated 7 days ago) Eshio responds:

Okay,Oscar55 (Parts ?/?)


7 days ago

Flash CS5.5

7 days ago (Updated 7 days ago) Eshio responds:

how do you send SWF


7 days ago

Can i join??

7 days ago (Updated 7 days ago) Eshio responds:

I think you do not have enough skill,sorry.


7 days ago

Can i join ?

7 days ago Eshio responds: